About Vision Helpers®

Vision Helpers Showroom in Omaha, Nebraska

Vision Helpers®  had showrooms in Omaha, Nebraska and Urbandale, Iowa from 2007 to 2014 and represented the majority of manufacturers.  

Freedom Scientific, Pulse Data, Humanware, Telesensory, Times, Enhanced Vision, MagniSight and Optelec.  (Picture from Omaha showroom)

Omaha, Nebraska Office 2007 to 2014

Original Mission 2007 - to provide the best technology products, along with the full services and support to help persons with low vision regain the joy of reading, remain independent and increase their quality of life. 

Vision Helpers® Founder Patrick J. Fischer

Vision Helpers® was founded in 2007 to help persons with low vision.  Vision Helpers® made its own line of large print products and private label LED Lighted magnifiers.   

Vision Helpers®  was part of something much bigger which began in 1997 as F1-Key, Low Vision Mart, and Acessibility dot Net, Inc. and grew to serve over 10,000 people blind and visually imapired.