About Us

Vision Helpers® is dedicated to technology which helps you see better!

Before we started this, the Vision Helpers® Team helped over 10,000 people blind and visually impaired by providing technology to help them remain independent dating back to 1997.

IrisVision was founded in 2013 with the intent of providing a low cost, highly functional device to low vision patients.  Unrivaled and a first of its kind to use VR technology, IrisVision’s 16 M pixel camera allows for a 2560 X 1440 pixel display, a much sharper image than any other assistive technology device on the current market.    

IrisVision took the basic concept of a magnifying glass and projected a visual bubble on the camera image of the VR headset.  With a simple swipe of the headset’s touchpad, users may control the size, focus and magnification of the visual bubble.  This allows patients to magnify various objects in their environment and perform different activities like looking at their family and friends faces and seeing their expression, reading, watching TV or simply getting an item off their pantry shelf.      

Founded by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Frank Werblin, IrisVision is his life’s work with over 40 years dedicated to retinal study. IrisVision is currently available in selected clinics across the nation including Johns Hopkins, NECO, Henry Ford Medical Center, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Chicago and San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind and Harvard Mass Eye and Ear. We will be offering our device at Stanford, SUNY and University of FL in the next couple of weeks.   

Today, the Vision Helpers® Team enjoys promoting IrisVision because it is helping so many people with low vision remain independent!