About Vision Helpers® and Founder Patrick J. Fischer


Vision Helpers Showroom in Omaha, Nebraska

Vision Helpers®  had showrooms in Omaha, Nebraska and Urbandale, Iowa from 2007 to 2014 and represented the majority of manufacturers; Freedom Scientific, Pulse Data, Humanware, Telesensory, Times, Enhanced Vision, MagniSight and Optelec.  (Picture from Omaha showroom)


Omaha, Nebraska Office 2007 to 2014

Vision Helpers® created large print products which were spun off as a separate company LargePrintShop.com. 

Vision Helpers® latest product was developed for Smart Eyewear, but it also works great on LCD screens made by Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and other companies. 


Vision Helpers® Founder Patrick J. Fischer

Vision Helpers® were developed for Smart Eyewear to insure you have spot-less free views.  

Vision Helpers® is technology independent and works on all Smart Eyewear devices.  They also work great  to keep your screens clean on your Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Google tablets, Amazon Echo Show, AR eyewear, XR eyewear, VR eyewear, tablets, laptop screens, TV screens, and anything else that you demand spot-less free views.