About Vision Helpers® and Founder Patrick J. Fischer


Vision Helpers® Founder Patrick J. Fischer

Patrick J. Fischer has found several innovative companies dating back to 1988.  Vision Helpers® was founded in 2007 and its latest product, Vision Helpers® Micro Fiber Cloth was developed to insure a person has spotless views for their LCD screens found in cars like Ford Mustang SUV, Lincoln, Tesla, Porsche and other cars. 


Vision Helpers Showroom in Omaha, Nebraska

  Vision Helpers®  had showrooms in Omaha, Nebraska and Urbandale, Iowa from 2007 to 2014 and represented the majority of manufacturers; Freedom Scientific, Pulse Data, Humanware, Telesensory, Times, Enhanced Vision, MagniSight and Optelec.  (Picture from Omaha showroom)  


Vision Helpers® FREE Books to Download

Patrick sold books he wrote until all expenses were covered to write them. Now that he earned his investment back he gives away the same books for free, which is helping hundreds of thousands of people that live in every state in the United States. 

Current Free Books are:

  • Vision Helpers® "Find an Eye Doctor Near You"
  • Vision Helpers® "Resource Guide for Your State" 
  • Vision Helpers® "5 Basic Categories of Visual Aids to Help Someone with Low Vision"